Thursday, September 06, 2012

FNO - Flash Walk Teaser

Photographer  Alfred Lai
One of the goal's of Fashion Night Out Vancouver is to bring the work of local designers to a wider audience.  To give them an opportunity to realize what our designers have to offer. In preparation for FNO's media launch at the Shangri-La Hotel in June 2012, we decided to literally take it to the streets in a way sure to catch everyone's eye - a Flash Walk Teaser right on the streets of downtown Vancouver.

This top-secret event featured 5 gorgeous fashion models who were transported to several of Vancouver's most iconic spots in exotic, luxury cars including a white Lamborghini.  This definitely created a stir, but not as much as when they stepped out of the car.  Each of the 5 sported edgy hair and make-up and were demurely covered by a short trench coat.  When they reached their location, they un-wrapped to display bodies spray-painted to represent bright, colourful clothing.  A mini runway show followed and then it was back into those exotic cars and off to the next location. 

This media blitz was eye-candy for the crowds watching at each location and gave an immense media boost for the launch that was soon to follow.  Special thanks goes to the videographers from VCAD as well as the group of dedicated photographers who took the time to document this event.  We created a fashion frenzy from Waterfront Station to Robson Street to English Bay.

To check out future offerings from Fashion Night Out Vancouver please check out our website HERE.  I can be emailed through this website at any time to help create a buzz for your upcoming event.